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I stir myself up and rise again!


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I rejoice in everything that is!

Fruits in Bloom

I begin to let things go!


I relax and meditate in the silence!

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Every year, nature goes through the same cycle of seasons wherever you are. Even though the seasons are primarily categorized as Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, they differ across geographies. Some places such as New York and its surrounding areas experience all four seasons while others such as Delhi and its surrounding areas experience monsoon in addition to the four seasons. Depending on where you are, it is wise to tune in to the seasons and to live according to them.

So... what does it mean to tune into the seasons? Tuning means observing and acknowledging the natural rhythms of nature and its endless cycle, understanding that 'as above, so below... as within, so without', and realizing that our internal universe also changes with the seasons. The best way to tune in is to observe and listen to what's inside us and what's outside us. Nature leads the way every time. So a great way to tune in is to simply follow it. For instance, summer is a hot season. As it gets hotter outside, we start feeling the heat inside our bodies too. If we continue to eat hot foods in summer, we end up with digestive issues, acidity, and irritability... many times anger too. If we tune into nature, we realize that nature provides us with many cooling foods during the summer season - cucumber, watermelon, summer squash, melon, greens, etc. - to help us cool our minds and bodies. So, all we have to do is to take a hint from nature every now and then. It's also important to eat locally - that way it's easy to tune into the seasonal cycles.

Initially, tuning into nature is challenging because most of us are not living according to the seasons. Our bodies are out of balance and are constantly being tortured by eating processed food, products from other parts of the globe, out-of-season produce, and excess food. Our bodies are also being attacked by airborne toxins, heavy metals in our vegetables and water, and harmful chemicals in our cleaning and skin care products. So when we begin tuning into nature, we first need to start tuning into our internal seasons... bringing them into balance before we can tune into the external seasons. The process is slow, but once you start, it just gets easier.

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