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Months: Late Sep, Oct, Nov , Early Dec (Northern Hemisphere)

Autumn or Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Even though I grew up in the sub-tropics, where we did not have Autumn, I remember falling in love with pictures of fall foliage in Vermont on wall calendars we were gifted, and telling myself that someday I would witness such a magical sight in person. I have many times now and for that I am truly grateful.

The seasonal transformation from summer to autumn begins with a gradual nip in the air. The days are usually pleasant at this time - sometimes rainy... mostly dry. And then, before you know it nature puts on such a beautiful bright display of oranges, yellows, and reds this season - maybe it's nature's way of shining its brightest before retreating inwards. Once the leaves change color, they begin to crisp up and float down the trees making way for winter. When you truly observe, you will notice that nature starts to slow down and begins to let go in a very poetic way. The birds begin to migrate to warmer places... we begin to put on layers... preparing ourselves for the upcoming winter.


At this time, the energy in nature begins to transition from summer's upward energy to a downward moving energy that finds its way into the Earth and into its very core. Our bodies too are in transition mode at this time of the year. After enjoying juicy fruits, cooling greens, and tender vegetables in the summer, our bodies are now ready to let go off any excessive summer heat, and to enjoy fruits and earthy vegetables that move energy deeper and downward to nourish our core and help us build our reserves for winter. Our bodies also begin to naturally crave the warmth of the hearth, slow cooked foods, and nourishing soups. Our necks find comfort in scarves and our bodies find warmth in an extra layer of clothing. We harvest all of nature's summer produce and slowly, almost unconsciously, begin making our transition towards winter.

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