I dream of a world where every adult knows how to cook and enjoys doing so! I also dream that some day cooking will be taught as an essential life skill in school and with great passion... so that when kids leave school they don't look upon cooking as a chore or a menial task that only some people do but as a wonderful way to give their body what it needs to function seamlessly.

These days, so many people do not enjoy cooking (unless it's something unhealthy). Just the thought of cooking a meal for themselves or others seems to irk them somehow. For those that actually enjoy cooking, time seems to be the challenge. With so much work pressure, they don't have time to cook or even eat. That's why, most people resort to take out or processed food here in America or cook meals for the entire week and freeze them. Some even feed their little babies from cans and jars. In India, one can hire someone to come home and cook fresh meals for a family on a daily basis. If that's not possible, there's a 'dabba' system where meals are cooked elsewhere and dropped off at homes and offices on a daily basis. Even though the Indian system seems like a better trade off, cooking fresh food for yourself and your family trumps everything else... and here's why!

Image of someone cooking in the kitchen

We all have life force, 'prana', or 'qi' moving through us and around us. So do vegetables, fruits, and everything else we eat. In order to keep us alive, we need three basic things - food, water, and air. Our body takes care of everything else. So, it's important that we provide our body with the best of food, water, and air. One way of doing that is by cooking good quality foods that are fresh and full of prana or energy. But what do I mean by full of prana? Let's take an example. How much of prana do you think there is in a vegetable stir fry that you just made versus a vegetable stir fry that was made 10 hours ago or frozen a week ago? How much of prana do you think there is in a fresh pot of cooked beans versus a can of beans that you bought at the supermarket? How much of prana do you think there is in freshly-caught fish versus fish that is packaged? The answer is quite obvious. Cooking fresh food on a daily basis means your food has more prana, which in turn means your body, mind, and spirit get a healthy doze of this prana to function, and you get to live your life to its fullest potential. When you don't get enough prana from the food that you eat and the air that you breathe, your body will definitely show it - sometimes as fatigue, sometimes as brain fog, sometimes as bloating... the list is endless.

Just cooking fresh food is not enough... the intention with which you cook is of great importance as well. Your vibration passes onto the food you cook and to the people who eat that food. People who have help to cook for them do not know what their help has had to go through in that particular day or how they are feeling when they cook. The vibration (although unseen) passes on to the food and then to the person eating it. That's why, preparing a meal with love and positive intentions is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family!

I understand that most people don't have the time to cook these days. So, I encourage you to start by cooking at least 3 meals every week and then slowly shifting to cooking at least one meal everyday. Cook with your family or cook alone. Cook a simple easy-to-put-together meal or cook something fancy. Do what works best for you. Cultivate a habit and see it grow from there! Cooking doesn't have to be hard. It can be simple!