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Months: Late March, April, May, Early June (Northern Hemisphere)

Knock knock! It's time to wake up from your deep slumber!!! Spring is almost here!

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The tiny purple crocuses and snowdrops have begun to arise from beneath all that ice-cold snow... and oh what a beautiful show they put on here in Northeast America. As the light begins to return, Mother Earth is slowly stirring herself up from her long slumber. Seeds sown the previous season or few seasons before begin to sprout and make their way out of the Earth's surface. As the snow melts and makes its way into the Earth... it pushes the tree sap up into the trees and out in the form of leaf and flower buds. In no time, fresh leaves and flowers begin to appear once more on almost all plants and trees. Before you know it, the forests are alive with bird and insect sounds, the robins are back, the squirrels peep and venture out of their nests, and nature puts on a beautiful display of spring blossoms and greens!

You may think that the weather seems confused this time of the year because some days are cold while other days are pleasant. To add to that, there's lots of rain to stir things up and there's lots of wind to move pollen from one place to another. Everything looks and feels so unpredictable. Well - let me assure you that nature is not confused and knows exactly what it is doing. There's always a lot of back and forth till a transition comes to fruition, and that's what's happening here.

As you already know, in spring, nature's energy - that's been in conservatory mode for three months - moves upward from below the Earth out into the open. Similarly, our body's energy, which was gathered around our core and roots in winter, now begins to move upward and outward. As this energy moves upward, some of us feel uneasy and sick while others feel a sudden boost of expansive energy.

  • If you feel uneasy and sick, moody, or are prone to pollen/dust allergies this season, make sure you keep yourself warm, keep your skin moisturized, and protect yourself from the wind. Also, make sure you are well hydrated. As your body cleanses itself naturally, it is wise to put yourself through a gentle cleanse (such as a khichdi mono diet for 3 days) to boost the body's cleansing mechanism. Follow a strict diet during this season to help you through it.

  • If you are the kind who feels a sudden boost of energy, now is the time to take action. Since spring is all about renewal and rebirth, this is a great time to get that new project started, clean your home of all that is of no use to you, wake up early, and do some exercise. Make sure you eat a mixture of warm and cooling foods to stay healthy this season.

Either way, venture out if you can and make the best of the season!


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