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Months: Late Jun, Jul, Aug, Early Sep (Northern Hemisphere)

When I think of summer, I think of warm sunny days, tropical forests, turquoise beaches, abundance of fruits and vegetables, people everywhere, and so much to do outside. Summer is the season of nature when everything is reaching or has reached its peak or prime! It seems like a carnival of sorts... everything is so green, there are butterflies and dragonflies all around, people seem to be having fun, there's a vibrant energy in the environment, and it's beautiful almost everywhere.

In the early part of summer, everything grows rapidly and cheerfully. There is an abundance of fruits and vegetables everywhere... there is a wide variety of produce to choose from - and so many colors too. Nature has a very joyful feeling to it! By the end of summer, nature begins to slow down... not in full capacity but as if nature is having a summer seista after putting in so much of hardwork.

In summer, nature's energy is expansive and vibrant. It's upward and outward moving - reaching out to the sky and spreading out yet holding firmly to the ground... that's why at this time, while you find a bounty of herbs, greens, and vegetables growing happily above the ground... you will also find vegetables growing below the ground. Fruits are in abundance this time of the year too. Most summer fruits and vegetables are filled with water and have a cooling quality to them.

When summer is at its peak, there is a lot of heat outside and inside the body, so it's best to eat more cooling fruits and vegetables, especially if you feel extremely hot, angry, and have skin flare-ups during the summer. Also,since summer is all about the sun's warmth and heat, it would be wise to adopt cooking styles that are cooling in nature. Opt for simple juices (a mix of vegetable and fruit), salads (on the side), simple water-based cooking, simple dal, rice, and vegetables, and quick stir-fries. Drink lots of water, and don't forget to enjoy the sunshine, especially in the early hours of the morning and evening. The air is cooler and less dehydrating!

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